Friday, October 30, 2009

The Perks of the Job

I am often asked if my job working at the door at Costco is boring....I can honestly say that for the most part it isn't. I get paid to "people watch" and that can be oh so entertaining. The fact that I am a "people person" certainly helps. Sure it can get to be mundane and repetitive but I can safely say it is almost always "entertaining" There are a couple of perks of working at the door......I have run into people I haven't seen in 20 years...and I see friends from church all the time...we Latter day saints are Big Costco shoppers :-) and probably the best part is that our door faces to the west so I get to see AMAZING sunsets. If I was home at sunset I would totally miss the beauty of God's handiwork. So while the job itself may not be my dream.....the good Lord has given me the opportunity to find the silver lining in it all.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Outside My Window

I was inspired by an Ali Edwards post on her blog and decided to try it on mine and go for not one but two blog posts today! (gasp)
Outside my another beautiful sunny SoCal day
I am thinking......... about my Missionary Son
I am thankful for.............oh so many wonderful things in my life wonderful family...the wonderful SoCal weather........our sweet little dog many wonderful friends...the list just goes on and on
From my Kitchen.......not too sure yet what I will fix for’s a bit early yet ;-)
I am wearing......... my brown hooded tee shirt, jeans and flip flops
I’m creating......just finished creating 6 layouts, going to start working on my December Daily
I am the chiropractor sciatica is killing me lately
I am scriptures....I really need to make this a daily habit
I am start work on my December Daily this week
I am hearing...........the tree trimmers outside trimming our neighbors tree
Around the house........the house is full today...everyone is home, certainly not normal for a Monday
One of favorite getting email text messages from Elder’s almost like talking to him
A few plans for the week ahead.......working....scrapping.....maybe hitting the pumpkin patch with Jason to get some fun photos.....and hanging out with the family.
A Picture to Share.............

The Birthday Boy

We had a great time on Cliff's birthday. We both ended up with the day off so we were able to spend it together. He wanted to go to Lily Garden his favorite chinese restaurant for lunch...what yummy food we had. Then he decided he wanted "Stonefire Grill" carrot cake so we went and got some of was a really nice relaxing and low key day. Since Uncle Gary is staying with us he came along for lunch too. It was great that we ALL had the day off. The girls at the chinese restaurant made him this cute little orange and fortune cookie cake and sang Happy Birthday to him in English AND Chinese...all in all it was a very fun day for all concerned.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

6 Degrees of Separation.

The world truly is small. Who would have thought that while Jeremy was off serving his mission in Idaho that I would have the privledge of meeting two wonderful missionaries from Idaho. One was able to spend 2.5 months studying with Jeremy while he recovered from knee surgery and the other one just went home to the area in which Jeremy is now currently serving....It seems silly but it's so nice to feel that connection. Here is a layout I did about the three of them.

Time is flying by...This past week it was brought to my attention that Elder Morgan has been out on his mission for 16 months now. He will be home in less than 8 months!...that just doesn't seem possible....when he left 24 months sounded like an has gone by so quickly...even for me as his mother is has zipped by. Tho I must admit the first three months were the most difficult....we have adjusted and now we are just looking forward to him returning.

We attended a wedding a couple of weeks sweet niece got married. We had a great time visiting with family and friends at the wedding here's one of my favorite shots of the bride and groom. They look so happy. I'm so glad we were able to attend.

Thats about it so far this month....stay tuned...