Monday, May 25, 2009

A Busy Month

Wow my last post was from May 7th...guess I have been a bit busy. First there was Mother's Day....I had an awesome one. Talked to my missionary son for almost 45 minutes! It was so good to hear from him. Then I had an amazing dinner prepared by my wonderful husband and younger son....It was just a wonderful day! The following weekend my sister arrived for a visit. I took a couple of vacation days along with my regular days off so we had 5 days to play! We went to Disneyland and CA Adventure, hung out here at home and scrapped....did a little shopping and had a general good time being together. Now here it is Memorial Day. I'm so glad Costco is closed and I didn't have to work. I was able to attend a fundraising event for a very sweet little 4 year old girl named Avery who is battling leukemia. Jason played in a dodge ball tournament while we were there....we had awesome food and just a general great time. There were lots of my Costco co-workers there too. Here are a few photos from today. Some I took, some my friend Janet took.
This post wouldn't be complete without some photos of my wonderful friends and co-workers at here are some for you guys!
Last but not least here are a couple of photos of Jason and his friend David playing dodgeball...they did quite well

How did my little boy get so darn tall? I look like a midget standing next to him

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Some Layouts

Here are a few layouts I have done recently. I love the one of my grandmother and her friends. It is based on a layout I saw on I have felt such a closeness to her since I recently found those albums full of her old pictures...I feel like perhaps we are more alike that I ever thought. I truly feel that she was a "scrapper" in her day. The layout of Jeremy I did for an online crop challenge over at It was a good story to tell...and of course any time I scrap photos of my missionary son it makes me smile. NOTE: of course I should have spelled the title Note to self...must fix the title on this one! The layout of Jason and me from 1993 was a real eye opener for me. For all the countless hours I spent holding him as an infant and a child I have NO photos except for this sad I wasn't a scrapper back then...I might have tried to get in the photos more often. The layout with the three photos of Jason on it...was one of those layouts that once I read the quote I knew I had to do the layout with photos of him. It's simple but the quote speaks volumns to me. The My World layout was fun to do. It's a the results. The funny thing was that it wasn't until someone commented on the fact that the pattern paper matched my outfit that I even realized that I had done it. It just made me laugh and also made me realize how much I do stuff by instinct and don't even realize it

I did this layout for a challenge over at I love all the fun photos of Linda and Me...She really is a wonderful sister...I'm so grateful for her.
Well there you have just some random layouts and random thoughts for a Thursday morning.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just 5 Days....

Til I get to talk to my Missionary Son! YAY! This could be the BEST Mother's Day Ever!