Friday, September 25, 2009

Where has September Gone?

I can't believe how fast this month has zipped by. We have had a few changes at our house but one thing never love for my family and the love I have for the art of scrapbooking. Jason and I went on a photo shoot and I got some fun photos of him, plus he had a birthday so that was a good excuse to go to "Sprinkles" for cupcakes. I scrapped the photo of my nephews kids with our neighbors cat...I love the way that one turned out. Jeremy sent home some really fun pictures this past week so I have done several layouts with them. I can't believe he has been gone for 15 months now....before I know it he will be home! So here in no particular order are some of the layouts I have done recently.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Couldn't Pass This Up

Ok so Cathy Zielske posted on facebook about this little challenge over at I'm a sucker for all things cricut so decided I would try this!

Post and answer the meme questions on your blog and then send us a link to your post via email with “Cricut Meme” in the subject line

Great Escape Meme
1. If you could escape to anywhere in the world where would it be? It would have to be Hawaii! I just love it there.
2. What song do you play when you are by yourself in the car? Just about anything Keith Urban Days Go By comes to mind as I feel my life racing before my eyes.
3. If you had a night to yourself, and money was no object, what would you do? I would probably grab my amazing husband and wisk him away for an over night get away at the beach
4. What is your guilty pleasure? IN n OUT Burger
5. What is the farthest place you have traveled away from your home? Hong Kong
6. Last book that you couldn't put down? "Sisters Ink" by Rebecva Seitz
7. When you want to escape into another time, what movie do you watch?
8. What is your favorite local escape? anywhere it's quite and the ocean
9. How do you escape on a budget? I live in SoCal so I go walk on the beach
10. Best food you've ever had while on vacation. Lehi (pronounced Lee-hee)a fish local to the Kona coast it was amazing and I don't even like fish!!

Ok there you have it! Just a little bit about me.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What happened??

I blinked and I haven't blogged in over a month! I haven't scrapped much this past month either. Not sure I could even tell you what I did to keep so busy. Here it is Labor Day weekend...the summer is gone...WOW It certainly flew by!

The big news at our house is that Jason started at Golden West College last week. How did I get old enough to have my baby be in college? Wasn't he just born? Ok so he was born 17 years ago on the first of September....anyway.....I digress. So far he is loving college and I am so proud of him. The week before school started I took him over there and we had a little "photo shoot" on campus. I managed to get a couple of really nice pictures of him...this is my favorite.

We had our nephew, Erick come to visit this weekend with his wonderful wife Tami and their adorable children Sarah and Adam. They were here for a fun run 5K at Disneyland. It was great to visit with them and see the kids....they are getting so big. I only took a few photos, love this one ...they were standing at the door looking out at the neighbors cat.

Well I guess that's about it for now. I am looking forward to getting back into the fall routine.
Summer was great but after a while the routine of fall is nice to have once again. Here are a couple of layouts that I did manage to get done since I last posted. This one is of our niece's daughter at her first dance class. Loved the photos. Had a great time scrapping something girlie! ;-)
These are some silly pictures of us taken in a photo booth at a wedding reception we recently attended. They just make me laugh. Guess even after 28 years we can still be silly! Jeremy sent this photo home and I totally fell in love with it...he is just looking so darn grown up and totally handsome! He was doing some service digging the hole that he is standing in! Yikes!