Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big News

I've been horrible at this all summer...not too sure I decided tonight I would up date you all with the biggest news in our family......many of you have probably seen it on facebook but in case you haven't and you happen to frequent my blog the big news is......our return missionary son is now ENGAGED!!! We are thrilled....we are excited to have a daughter...and Jeremy couldn't have made a better choice. Holly is awesome! So now we are into the throws of planning an open house as they will be getting married in the Mesa, AZ October. So if you don't see any new posts from me for a while you'll know it's cuz I am too busy getting ready for a wedding. ;-)

Having Issues

I'm having issues with my free blog background....apparently it expired and so now even though I have found another background I have all these wierd things on my blog that I can't seem to get rid annoying! So I guess this is my disclaimer....I don't know how to get rid of them....sorry everybody. =)