Sunday, November 29, 2009

One More Grateful Post....

before the month ends.....I can't honestly finish out this month of being grateful without posting a few photos from today. Pictured below is my brother-in-law and sister-in-law Sandi and Gary. Gary, has been working at he took us there for a day of holiday fun. I am grateful for family and the fact that Gary shared his "work" with us. The place was beautifully decorated and was a wonderful place to kick off the holiday season. I am really in a festive mood now. Thanks Gary for sharing the Disney holiday spirit with us.

a family photo with Santa

under the "A" in California in front of CA Adventure and beautiful pointsettias inside Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty's Castle looked breath taking drenched in beautiful wintery icicle lights.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Family, Friends and Food

What a fun day this has been. I am so grateful for family, friends and great food.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For a Good Cause

I came across this thread over at A Million Memories I decided I wanted to help get the word out so I am posting a link here...Michelle over at AMM is such a sweet girl and I am grateful to her for her wonderful scrappy site and for her generous heart...she is an inspiration to me. Thanks Michelle.

My Friend

Today I am grateful for my sweet wonderful friend and hair stylist Stephanie Wilde. She started cutting my hair 16 months ago. I have known Steph since she was an infant, we have been friends with her family when I was looking for someone new to cut my hair, her Mom suggested I try her out. I was looking for a new style but didn't know what.....Stephanie figured it out for me and my hair has been getting better and better with every hair cut. Thanks Steph, for making me feel so great about my hair. I truly am grateful for your expertise and talent! If anyone reading this is close to Huntington Beach, CA and wants to contact Stephanie for an appointment she works at Salon Amibance 714-846-5900

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catching Up

Ok....I fell behind yesterday so I am posting two photos today. Today I am grateful for Jason and his wonderful sense of humor and the fact that we spent sometime running errands today. We went into Lowes and right by the front door were all of these Musical Christmas Toys....we had so much fun playing them....they made me laugh.....some of them were scary but others were really funny. I couldn't help but get out my phone and take a picture of this little guy. If I knew where we could put him where Riley wouldn't eat him or bark at him he might have come home with us....Thanks Jase for spending time with your Mom and making me smile. I am so grateful for YOU!

The Weather

Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather we have here in Orange County...while many places in the country are dealing with ice and snow and cold It's been delightfully warm here. Gotta love SoCal!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today I am grateful that I was asked to help out in Primary today. For those of you who aren't familar with this term it is the children's "Sunday School" so to speak of the LDS church. For two and a half years I was the Primary President....I loved my church job....and I loved the kids. It was hard for me when they released me and found another job for me to do. Today I had the opportunity to go back and help out......and I loved every minute of it. The kids are so sweet and it just made me grateful not only to be helping in there today but for the two and a half years I spent working in the Primary with these wonderful children.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall Leaves

As I drove to work today I was pondering what I wanted to post about....what was I grateful for today? It is getting more difficult to come up with things...I don't want to keep posting about the usual things that one thinks of when one says they are grateful...about that time I drove by a shopping center with some trees with beautiful fall leaves on I know for those of you who live where you have four seasons this may not seem like much but living in Southern California we don't have a lot of trees with leaves that turn color and they don't turn color until now, mid November. The trees I saw this morning were on fire with color...they were simply beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't have time to take a photo, nor did I have my camera with me. Then I remembered a simular tree, one that stood outside my father-in-laws hospital room, two years ago, shortly before he passed away. It was too was on fire with color. So today I am grateful for beautiful fall leaves....and my dear sweet father-in-law.....we miss you Daddy.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Sweet Riley

As I think back over this past year one of the things I am really grateful for is the fact that after Riley ran way, last March....we FOUND him! When he left it was just heartbreaking....we were all so sad...but what joy we felt when he returned. It was a huge testimony builder to all of us of the power of prayer. Everyone was praying for his safe return. I am so grateful our prayers were answered and Riley came home after 3 and a half days. So today, 8 months after he left I am grateful he is part of our family. He loves us unconditionally and is simply the best puppy ever! (most of the time anyway)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I finally did it....I couldn't take it anymore.....I finally cleaned up the linen closet...4 shelves clean 1 more to go! Today I am grateful for an almost clean linen closet.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Online Friends

This last week with our internet being down for a couple of days it occured to me just how much I rely on the internet....I felt lost for 2 days without the internet. I don't know if my family understands that I call these wonderful women my friends and yet I have never met them. We chat online regularily, we share scrapbook pages, we know about each others kids...if only we weren't spread quite so far across the country we might actually get to meet in real I am thankful for all of my online friends. Today's photo is a layout I scrapped a while back about my online buddies!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I Live Where I do

I think I am missing a day in my gratitude posting and after my walk today down at the beach I decided to post twice today. It's absolutely beautiful outside today....perfect weather in my book...the sun is shining, it's about 70 degrees, and oh's NOVEMBER! I went to visit a friend of mine down by the beach....I couldn't pass up the chance to go for a walk so I grabbed my camera before I left the house and here's my favorite....well one of them anyway. I played with it in and made it kind of edgy and fun. Today besides being grateful for my husband's family.....I am also very grateful to live just 5 miles from the beach and have beautiful days like today that I can enjoy!

Gotta Love these Guys!

Almost 29 years ago I married into the best family ever! Cliff is one of 6 kids and I came from a family of just my sister and me! Needless to say that first Christmas we spent together as a family was a bit overwhelming for me. I was desperately trying to find quiet places to hide at my mother-in-laws house. Now of course I miss it when we don't get together with his family....I love all the craziness and the chaos....tho I must admit I have been known to still try and find that quiet place to Today's photo is of just part of Cliff's Sister Sandi's family....just part of the Morgan Clan that I am grateful for. You guys are the BEST! Of course there are other family members that I am grateful for so stay tuned...For more family photos in the days ahead.

Monday, November 16, 2009

20 Years Ago Today

I can remember it like it was yesterday....we had been waiting for it for 10 long months...going through the process and anxiously awaiting for our court date for your adoption to become final. Twenty years ago today I legally became your Mother....and what a blessing it has been. Thanks for making me a Mother......I am so grateful for you!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Gratitude

For those of you who might not know this is my younger son Jason. He is my ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, he can make me laugh faster than anyone else I know. He loves me more than he can say and the feeling is mutual. Today I am grateful that I have this amazing young man in my life. Life just would not be the same without him. You are the BEST Jason Roy....I love you!

Friday, November 13, 2009

One More for Today

Since my internet was down for two days I am behind in my gratitude blog entries so I decided I would post a quick on tonight.....then I will be caught up.
I have been married to this wonderful man for the past 28 years...I am so grateful he is part of my life.....even tho we make each other crazy on a regular basis....he is still my rock and the one I turn to when I need to support. I am so grateful for his love. Love you honey!

Up and Running

I posted this challenge and had really intended to keep up with it and then our internet went down....I lost two days so I for obvious reasons you understand why I posted the photo for today that I did.....I am grateful for modern technology and the fact that our internet is up and running again. Ididn't realize just how much I missed my online friends when I couldn't talk to them. Gotta love the internet!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude

Here it is already the 11th of November and I decided I would try and take a picture a day of something I am grateful for and post it here. Not sure if I will make a scrapbook out of it or not but at least it will help me focus on the things I am grateful for. I posted on facebook this morning that I am grateful for birds that sing in November. I was walking Riley and I heard this little bird singing up on the made me stop and think....if I hadn't walked Riley....I would never have heard that sweet little birds glad for Riley too. I don't ordinarily think of birds singing in was nice to have the peace and quiet of the morning to hear his song. Ok so I don't have a picture for this but I do have this cute little bird photo that I took last spring..he was sitting outside my kitchen window.