Monday, August 3, 2009

The Perfect Day

Ok so the perfect day was two days ago but I had such a wonderful Saturday that I thought it was worth blogging about. First off I didn't have to work! Thank you so much Manny! First I ran to Target and the grocery store... I noticed was how quiet it was....after all it was barely 9AM...then I came home to a quiet house which is so rare these days. (Cliff and Jase had gone to the Gym) I did some cleaning for a bit. Not much just enough to keep that peaceful feeling going on. Then the boys came home about 11:30 and the house was picked up, I'd had some alone time, the boys then decided that it was time for lunch so we all piled in the car for a family lunch at In 'n that place even tho it's not good for me. After lunch we came home and I played in my studio. I created a fun layout with a photo of Jeremy. Jase had a friend over playing video games and Cliff was reading and taking it was just so nice to be home together even tho we were all doing different things. Later on Jason went to a youth activity at church and Cliff and I went on a date. We went to dinner first and then we took Riley down to the dog beach. Riley behaved himself tho he still isn't sure about the water.....though I can't figure out why.....the water was really felt so good to be down at the beach. What a great day! In my book...just about as perfect as you can get!