Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Good Day

Today was my last day of work before my vacation started. I was so worried that with it being the first Saturday of coupons it would be crazy busy...I had been so tired on Friday that I was worried that today would drag on forever...mainly because I am SO ready for vacation! Anyway...on my way to work I uttered a quiet prayer that I would have a good I said it I remembered Jeremy's words when he was a little boy and use to pray to have a good day. He always was so specific. He would pray to not just have a good day but to have "A good day, and not a bad day." So today I when I said my quick little prayer on the way to work I asked to have "a good day and not a bad day".........and I was indeed blessed with exactly was definitely a good day. Who says you can't learn from your children? ;-)


Princess Mema said...

It's so exciting that you get to pick up your missionary! Have a terrific vacation and a wonderful reunion!!

Jean said...

Enjoy your two weeks and time with Jeremy!