Thursday, June 10, 2010

6 Days Left

I decided I would try opening up my blog again....hopefully no more weird comments. Somehow I lost interest in writing when I didn't think anyone was reading it. So I changed a few settings and we'll see if this works out better.

We are down to just 6 days until we go and pick up Jeremy.....I can't wait! I took another picture of my countdown jar...those 6 little M&M's look mighty lonesome in the jar. =D

My vacation starts on Monday....two weeks away from work...I am so looking forward to it. I decided that there is a reason why employers give you vacation really need that break. I haven't taken one in two years and I am more than ready for the time away!

The other big news is that Jason got a job. He started working at Cold Stone today. He's really excited and I am very proud of him. In today economy and with him only being 17 it has been difficult for him to get a job. So far he is liking it....they have to sing if someone tips you guess he had to sing today...he wasn't too excited about having to but he has such a nice voice...I bet he did just fine!

I have a new job at church....I am teaching the 15 and 16 year olds in Sunday School.......the material is rough (the Old Testament) but the kids are awesome. I taught most of them when they were younger. I have a large class...about 15 kids...and the noise level in class is pretty intense...but so far I have managed to get in a few key points from the lessons. =D
That's about it for now........stay tuned I may just post again before we head to Idaho =D

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